The school newsletter is published online and is a valuable source of information about events within our school community.

It is a vital means of communication between school and home and both students and parents are encouraged to read it carefully.

The newsletter can be found on our website for your convenience.


  Term 2 Issue 2 2023

In this article: Principal's message, Semester 1 Soiree, Vinnies Winter Sleepout, Stage 1 "Blast from the Past" History Dress Up Day, Parent Resources, Student Spotlight, From the Classroom.


  Term 2 Issue 1 2023

Easter Hat Parade, Year 7 Camp, Mothers Day, Upcoming Events, Parent Resources, Student Spotlight (video), From the Classroom (video)

  Term 1 Issue 2 2023

Harmony Day, Year 9 Camp and Year 10 Camp, Year 12 Retreat, Project Compassion update, Upcoming Events, Parent Resources, Student Spotlight (video), From the Classroom (video)

  Term 1 Issue 1 2023

Student Leaders Commissioning, Week 6 PEN Meeting, Student Spotlight: Toby F (Year 10), From the Classroom: Miss Erin Pridmore

  Term 4 Issue 2 2022

Christmas Special, End of Year recap, Student Spotlight, From the Classroom in the video e-Newsletter

  Term 4 Issue 1 2022

Inaugural Year 12 College Leader, Socktober, Christmas Carols at OLA, PEN Week 8 on Better Sleep, and Student Spotlight, From the Classroom in the video e-Newsletter

  Term 3 Issue 2 2022

College Feast Day, Book Week, Father's Day, PEN Week 9 on Resilience, and new segments in the video e-Newsletter

  Term 3 Issue 1 2022

Student Led Conferences, 100 Days of Kindergarten, and the Week 9 PEN meeting on 'Building Resilience in Your Kids' and more

  Term 2 Issue 2 2022

Term 2 Soiree, Athletics Carnival, PEN Dr Kristy Goodwin, Year 4 Roald Dahl Dress Up Day and more

  Term 2 Issue 1 2022

Student Leaders Commissioning Mass, Year 7 Camp, Dr Kristy Goodwin at the PEN, ANZAC and Mother's Day

  Term 1 Issue 2 2022

Harmony Week, Family Tours, Cross Country Trials, Easter Services

  Term 1 Issue 1 2022

Official Blessing, Parent Involvement, Swimming Carnival, Recent Incursions, Parent Resources

  Term 4 Issue 8 2021

Settling into Box Hill, Orientation Days, preparing for 2022, Awards Ceremony

  Term 4 Issue 7 2021

Transition to Box Hill, new arrangements, the end of the remote learning period, and new updates on staffing.

  Term 3 Issue 6 2021

NAPLAN results, the transition to Box Hill and farewelling a very special person who has been part of our school's journey from the beginning, Daryl Castellino

  Term 3 Issue 5 2021

Music students awarded top international composer prize, lockdown wellbeing, remote learning

  Term 2 Issue 4 2021

Athletics Carnival, Caritas Colour Run, Performing Arts Soiree, Year 1 Past and Present Day, First library book, Dates for your diary

  Term 2 Issue 3 2021

Building Update, Mother's Day Message, Enrolment continues for 2022, Santa Sophia Connect Replays, Dates for your diary

  Term 1 Issue 2 2021

Building Update, Harmony Day, Sisters of the Immaculata, Billy Carts incursion, The Yard incursion, Sport Update, Easter

  Term 1 Issue 1 2021

Building milestone, first days of school, Year 7 Camp, Incursions, Swimming Carnival, Parent Information Evening replays, and Lent



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