School of Challenge

Empowering students to have the courage to invent their own future

It is in the School of Challenge that the ambitious goals of Santa Sophia Catholic College are most fully realised.

For Stages Five Six (Years 9-12) | Inquiry Pedagogy: Blended Mastery





Having grown and matured through the initial years of adolescence, students at these ages are realising their potential. In response to this, Santa Sophia provides an engaging personalised learning program that seeks genuine dialogue to challenge students to raise their own questions, create their own ideas, seek solutions to real world challenges and explore their interests and passions.

We work closely with students to develop person learning plans, a student’s personal learning plan incorporates:

  • working with mentors, businesses, or organisations
  • instructional learning needed for university or tertiary pathways
  • internship work placement
  • developing and running their own businesses
  • apprenticeship opportunities
  • specific skills and goals related to their personal and work development.
  • learning goals directly related to the Australian Curriculum to broaden knowledge and awareness
Blended Mastery is a combination of online learning and face to face teaching. The process of learning is based on students’ ability to ‘master’ content before moving on to more challenging information.

Santa Sophia is a credible education choice for parents who seek an innovative learning environment that challenges conventional schooling to enhance student learning.


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Learner Capabilities

Santa Sophia has identified the following core capabilities for all students across all stages, giving them the greatest chance of future success. These are reported on and assessed at all stages.

Stage Five

Demonstrates an understanding and analysis of the Catholic perspective of the different themes that are present in the projects and their implications on society.

  • Demonstrates a high level of self discipline, engages with academic and social challenges in a reflective and analytical way and provides leadership to others
  • Demonstrates an ability to develop and foster positive relationships with peers and adults, works collaboratively with diverse groups and demonstrate effective problem solving skills

Follows class rules and applies basic social protocols when using ICT to communicate with their audience. Capably searches, evaluates, selects and generates information from a range of sophisticated digital sources, with adherence to copyright restrictions

Presentation skills
  • Speaks with accuracy and confidence throughout well-structured and cohesive presentations, maintaining verbal and non-verbal cues, and clearly and concisely articulates their understanding of the content in an engaging manner.
  • Contributes positively to group tasks, participates in the planning and discussions of group projects, devises strategies to meet group expectations and successfully applies appropriate conflict resolution strategies.
Critical and creative thinking
  • Critically analyses complex issues and abstract ideas, provides well-reasoned justification to support their thinking, generates and reflects on creative ideas, possibilities and solutions in a variety of contexts.




We guide our students to realise their potential and meet their goals