About us

To succeed in a connected world you have to learn differently

Santa Sophia Catholic College Gables provides a Christ centred environment, aimed at educating the whole child, and helping students to be people of true wisdom through faith, hope and love.

Santa Sophia Catholic College is a Catholic learning community that serves the dynamic new area of Gables. It is establishing a new approach for pre-school to post school learning within an extended school day. It achieves this through a developmental and student-centred approach to learning with a focus on ‘learning how to learn’.

The College brings together the best we know about how young people learn and how to teach them. Within a Catholic faith environment, students will learn how to be responsible global citizens, how to think creatively and critically, how to communicate and work collaboratively.

We are a school that fosters imagination and innovation



Principal's Welcome

A welcome message from Mark De Vries, Principal of Santa Sophia Catholic College Gables.


Our Story

Santa Sophia Catholic College is a co-educational school for students from Preschool to Year 12, providing an innovative learning environment, with a focus on developing skills for the future. Our educational approach 'The Santa Sophia Way' places individual student learning plans at the centre of all learning. Discover what makes us different!


The Santa Sophia Student

Santa Sophia students are confident in their ability to have freedom of thought and expression. We encourage boldness, a ‘can-do’ attitude and celebrate diversity.


Exceptional Educators

As a Catholic learning community, Santa Sophia is founded on the best of what we know about contemporary learning. Our teachers are passionate and creative, inspiring a love of learning in students every day.


Our Features and Facilities

School for today fit for tomorrow! Santa Sophia provides modern learning spaces that support collaboration and enhance a variety of educational experiences. We invite you to explore our amazing facilities, take a 360 degree virtual tour and discover what makes our school a great place for your child.


Policies and Procedures

Santa Sophia Catholic College has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of school life. These provide the framework within which we operate.



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Annual School Report

The Annual School Report provides parents and the wider school community with fair, accurate and objective information about various aspects of school performance and development.