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Santa Sophia Catholic College is a learning community within Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese. We design and establish the new normal for pre-school to post-school learning in an environment which nurtures and grows faith-filled, curious children to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Our dedicated team of passionate and highly qualified teaching and administrative professionals inspire our students to explore, innovate and thrive in their learning adventure.

Santa Sophia has a unique educational philosophy and approach. Because of this, we seek out employees who are willing learners and settled in their life.

Are you ready for a challenge? Can you drive improvement in a constantly evolving work environment? Our team needs to be passionate about transforming education, and willing to be challenged.

We encourage interested teaching professionals to visit Santa Sophia and experience firsthand our learning program in action.

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01 Teacher

Teachers are members of a vitally important profession. They teach essential skills and concepts; they nurture curiosity and a sense of wonder; they cultivate abilities and interests and nurture curious children to become adaptable, confident and conscientious young adults who will contribute positively to a rapidly changing world as globally responsible citizen. It is a calling to become part of something of great significance.


02 Leadership

School leaders are idealists and inventors forever striving for the new norms in leading contemporary learning in Catholic schools. School leaders are relationship builders inspiring staff, parents and students to explore, innovate and thrive in their learning adventure. Santa Sophia demands excellence. But it also rewards bright, original thinking and hard work.


03 Business

Santa Sophia non-teaching employees are unique individuals whose varied talents and experiences keep the school running and facilitate the exceptional learning at Santa Sophia. We’re looking for incredible individuals to become our support staff, teachers' aides, administrators, business and finance managers, maintenance and outdoor staff.


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Please note we are transitioning to a new recruitment system that manages everything from finding your perfect role to preparing for your first day.

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