Building School-to-Industry Partnerships

Get Involved! The most amazing fact about the skills gap is that it can be filled. You can make it happen.

The ‘Santa Sophia Way’ is all about arming our students with industry knowledge and experience – before they graduate - and shaking up the way education is delivered. Through strong partnerships with leading industry organisations, our students benefit from workplace experience, internships, sponsorships, guest lectures and industry insights giving them a significant advantage and foot in the door of their chosen career.

Businesses and enterprising individuals can help provide a more rigorous and skills-based curriculum, highlighting employability skills like teamwork, communication, and presentation skills among others. You provide students with the new Three Rs: rigour, relevance, and relationships. Relationships are not only important in the job market, but also to their personal lives—students gain access to role models they many not otherwise have.

You have the power to prepare future leaders and widen the workforce pipeline with knowledgeable, diverse, and driven talent.

Invest in the community. Invest in learning. Invest in your own future.

Are you a successful local entrepreneur? Santa Sophia is seeking local entrepreneurs to share their experiences and insights with our students. Entrepreneurship typically begins in a home kitchen or garage and we are recruiting local owners to inspire and kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in our curious students.

We are always seeking guest speakers to challenge and expand our students' thinking around digital footprint, financial literacy, technology and gamification, health sciences and creative arts.

Contact Meaghan Staples at for details.


Local volunteers are able to open countless doors for students who never even knew they existed.

When you volunteer with Santa Sophia Catholic College, your return on investment is high. We welcome individuals to act as mentors in students’ lives to ignite their passion for learning or expose them to the vast career opportunities available to them. Local volunteers are able to open countless doors for students who never even knew they existed.

Ways you can get involved:

  • Guest speak in a classroom
  • Host a worksite visit
  • Present at a careers day
  • Host a job shadow
  • Participate in mock interviews
  • Participate in informational interviews
  • Host an intern
  • Join a local advisory board
  • Connect with students virtually


Corporate Engagement

An enterprise partnership between your company/organisation and Santa Sophia Catholic College aligns industry expertise, community leadership, and pipeline development needs that transform the high school experience. You will be helping our students learn lifelong skills that can be used in high school and beyond in their career journey - making a tangible difference to the world.

By working with Santa Sophia your company will be at the forefront of shaping workforce development and recruiting diverse talent with a solid foundation of work-ready skills tailored to your needs.

We seek to forge high impact, integrated partnerships that:

  • Fulfil your company’s corporate social responsibility goals
  • Support innovative teaching and learning strategies, including a rigorous and relevant curriculum aligned to career themes
  • Connects what students are learning in class to real-world application
  • Creates meaningful interactions between students and industry professionals and role models
  • Ensures high school students, particularly those from underserved communities, graduate college and career ready!


Santa Sophia Catholic College is always looking for new relationships with industry partners across all areas of industry. If you’re interested in working with our students (and nabbing them before they graduate), we’d love to hear from you.

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