Parent Library

At Santa Sophia Catholic College, we place great emphasis on establishing a partnership between home and school.

We acknowledge that parents are the first educators of their children. In order to support parents in this important role we seek to provide valuable articles for them to use which focus on various topics and advice. Please have a browse below to start accessing the parenting tips and resources available.


  Anxiety and calming our children

Parenting expert Maggie Dent shares a range of resources and ideas to help if your child is struggling with anxiety

  How to stop yelling

Want to know how to stop yelling at your kids? Dr Justin Coulson shares his advice in this article

  Having parents in love is great for your kids

Dr Justin Coulson shares marriage advice for parents since - as he explains - being in love is great for your kids.

  Family Meetings Guide

Find out how to use family meetings to improve communication, cooperation and consistency and to develop conflict resolution skills with your kids. Resource from

  Helping young people to find joy - video

Michael Grose is joined in this video by parenting educator and teacher Sharon Witt to discuss self-esteem building in young people, and the importance of helping young people find their JOY or their spark.

  Screen time considerations

There are better questions for parents to ask than 'how much screen time?' is ok for my child. View this article for other factors to consider.

  Creating healthy digital habits for your child

Martine Oglethorpe from Parenting Ideas shares how to create healthy digital habits for your tween/teen child

  Teaching kids to take off their anxiety goggles

Dr Jodi Richardson from Parenting Ideas shares tips for parents to help their children manage anxiety.

  Finding joy in a crisis

Dr Justin Coulson shares some thoughts on finding joy as a family during a crisis

  Creating a personal learning centre for your child

Article by Michael Grose from Parenting Ideas on creating a personal learning centre for your child at home

  How to be productive working from home

An article by Dr Kristy Goodwin on how to be productive working from home and keep your sanity as a parent

  Leading the way for children during the COVID-19 pandemic

Article from Parenting Ideas: Ideas for parents to help inform, reassure and keep children and young people safe during COVID-19

  My child is struggling because everything is cancelled due to COVID-19

Article by Dr Justin Coulson to help our children through the COVID-19 pandemic when everything is cancelled



The school newsletter is published online and is a valuable source of information about events within our school community. Both students and parents are encouraged to read the newsletter.



Compass is our primary parent communication tool for day-to-day operational matters, upcoming events, notices and notifications so it is essential that all parents download the app.