School Life

Learning at Santa Sophia is aimed at educating the whole child and helping students attain true wisdom, from Preschool to Year 12.

Based on leading educational research and the best of today’s technologies, we will prepare students for the workplace of the future by teaching them how to think critically and creatively, how to communicate effectively and how to work collaboratively.

The Learning adventure is made up of four schools of learning:

The School of Genesis


Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill School of Genesis

The School of Curiosity

(Early Stage 1, Stages 1 and 2)

Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill School of Curiosity

The School of Connect

(Stages 3 and 4)

Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill School of Connections

The School of Challenge

(Stages 5 and 6)

Santa Sophia Catholic College Box Hill School of Challenge





Our Approach to Learning

Santa Sophia provides an alternative to traditional schooling and progresses young people through a developmental and student-centred approach to learning.


Student Wellbeing

At Santa Sophia, we believe that authentic learning and growth are fostered through positive relationships.


Religious Education

At Santa Sophia, our aim is to instil in our students and staff a love for Jesus and the Catholic Church. We invest in teachers that authentically support the Catholic ethos to help educate your children about the truth and love of Jesus which sets us free from sin.


Digital Portfolios

Through digital portfolios, parents are easily able to follow, track and see grades, for each subject. For the school it also allows reporting in 'real-time'. Learn more!


Beyond the Classroom

Santa Sophia recognises the unique gifts and talents of every student and provides a range of opportunities for students to develop these. We help every student shine!



Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.



Through access to our library resources and services, students develop a range of learner dispositions and capabilities to cultivate a culture of curiosity, creativity, imagination and innovation.


Bring Your Own Device

Visit the CSPD BYOD Portal and view the requirements for Bring Your Own Device.



The Santa Sophia Catholic College Gables Parent Handbook contains all the information families need to know on the administration and running of our school.



Students wearing the school uniform are important ambassadors of Santa Sophia, and are expected to wear their uniform appropriately. Learn more about the uniform and grooming requirements.


Parents as Partners

At Santa Sophia Catholic College, we place great emphasis on establishing a partnership between home and school. Learn how you can get involved.