Beyond the Classroom

Santa Sophia recognises the unique gifts and talents of every student and provides a range of opportunities for students to develop these. We help every student shine!

The extra-curricular opportunities offered to students at Santa Sophia include.

  • Peer to Peer Youth Ministry Program
  • Business Links and Activities
  • Debating
  • Public Speaking
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Community Action
  • Space Camp Program
  • Jazz Band
  • Rock Band
  • Strings Ensemble
  • Jam Club
  • Choir






Sport and PE

Our Sport and PDHPE programs provide students with a wide range of experiences and opportunities that engage and develop a sense of pride in their physical achievements, involvement in their own health management and a love for physical activities.

We respond to the growing physical needs of the student through a comprehensive curriculum that keeps their sporting experience connected with the Catholic faith, while focusing on:

  • individual agility development
  • physical games in the early years leading to competitive sport opportunities as they develop
  • learning opportunities to develop knowledge, processes, skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health and body
  • encouraging students to act in appropriate ways to enhance health and wellbeing.

We believe that through sport students can develop holistically and benefit by:

  • recognising their potential
  • discovering new abilities
  • improving their fitness levels
  • appreciating the value of being a part of a team
  • developing a positive attitude toward winning and losing
  • releasing tension and energy

Representative Sport Pathways

Students participate in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals.

Stage 2 & 3

For Stage 2 & 3, students the progression from school level goes to the Hills Zone Swimming and Athletics Carnival while cross country progresses straight to Parramatta Dioceses Catholic Primary School Sport Council (PDCPSSC).

The college also participates in a variety of gala days run by the PDCPSSC throughout the year.

For students who perform at a high standard of sport they may be nominated for PDCPSSC representative teams that play at region (Mackillop) or state levels.

Nominations for all levels above school level must go through the college sports coordinator.

Primary Sport Website 

Stage 4 & 5

For Stage 4 & 5 selected students progress to the PDSSSC Championships. Cross Country is also held, however students may nominate to progress to the PDSSSC championships.

Santa Sophia participates in a weekly representative inter-school sport competition run by the Parramatta Secondary Schools Sports Council (PDSSSC). There are three seasons across the year and students have the opportunity to trial for different school teams. Stage 4 can also trial for school based teams to represent the college at a variety of gala days run by the PDSSSC.

As part of the pathways progression students progressing through the PDSSSC competition may be eligible for NSWCCC* (New South Wales Combined Catholic Colleges) trials and events. Nominations for NSWCCC must go through the college sport coordinator.

Secondary Sport Website 


Weekly Sport Competition

Options include:
Volleyball, Touch Football, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Football (Soccer), Rugby League, OzTag, Frisbee, AFL.

NSWCCC Selections

Options include:
AFL, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, Canoeing, Cricket, Cross Country, Diving, Football (Soccer), Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sailing, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo.

Gala Days

Options include:
Basketball, Netball, Football (Soccer), OzTag, Touch Football, Futsal, Chess, Dance, Tennis.

* It is important to note that these trials are generally for those students that MUST demonstrate an ABOVE AVERAGE ability, HIGH LEVEL OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT or in particular sports demonstrate REPRESENTATIVE playing experience in their nominated sport. In most sports, students should have experience playing regular competition outside of school. Please check with the college sport coordinator for specific pathway eligibility and process.



During students’ recess and lunch breaks we also encourage students to engage in organised and student led games and recreational activities. Our students are actively encouraged to work cooperatively, to become aware of others and to play fairly - making sure everyone is being included, encouraged and most importantly, having FUN!


Sport at Santa Sophia




We focus on educating the WHOLE child